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The man behind Tully Painting is Jim Tully. Jim was born and raised in Peterborough. He learned the art and process of painting homes from his father, Steve Tully - a successful painter himself of 30 years. Four years ago Jim realized there was a need for a kitchen cabinet refinishing company in Peterborough and the surrounding area. Since then he has been providing customers with a quality service at a reasonable price. If you want the look of a new kitchen and think restoring your existing cabinets is for you then call Jim today.

Mar 23

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

By Jim Tully | Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Emily and Mike Moreau

Tully Painting can restore your old kitchen cabinets by refinishing them using the right process and premium products. Here is exactly how it is done!

1. A in-home consult where the customer describes what they would like done
(ie, colour and finishing choices, new handles or hinges). Start and finish dates for the project are set!

2. Tully Painting will come and take your doors and drawers from your kitchen. You DO NOT need to take everything out of your cabinets. In some cases door and drawers are labeled to make the re-install a quick and easy step.

3. Box cabinets on wall are cleaned with a liquid sander. Liquid sander removes dust, dirt, food and grease. It also de-glosses the finish which allows the high quality primer to adhere to the surface.

4. Box cabinets are primed using a brush and roller. Holes are filled and gaps are sealed.

5. Box cabinets are painted using an ultra-durable waterborne acrylic paint (2-4 coats depending on the colour).

6. In the shop the doors and drawers cleaned with the liquid sander. If new handles, pulls or knobs are required then old holes are filled and new holes are drilled.

7. Doors and drawers are sprayed with primer using a HVLP sprayer.

8. Doors and drawers are sprayed with waterborne acrylic paint (2-4 coats depending on the colour)

9. Doors and drawers are bubble wrapped and brought back to be re-installed with hinges, handles and new cushions (usually 7-14 days later)

10. Doors and drawers are levelled.