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Want to transform your kitchen but don’t have the money for new kitchen cabinets?

Get Your Cabinets Refinished!

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  • Photos of your kitchen if possible
  • A description of your kitchen
  • Number of Doors & Drawers
  • Estimate – A kitchen with 30 doors/drawers takes 1-2 weeks

    The Process

    1. Call today for free quote
    2. Choose your colour and design
      (many colours and designs available)
    3. We take your doors and drawers off, clean them, fix imperfections and spray them in a shop with a HVLP sprayer.
      (1-2 coats of shellac based primer – 2 coats of water-borne acrylic paint)
    4. Box cabinets, trim and kick plates are cleaned and brushed in your home.
    5. We bring your doors and drawers back (bubble wrapped) and install them.
    6. New hinges, handles and cushions are put on your doors and drawers.
      (hinges and handles are optional)